2023/06/12 The Light Catchers|Joint Exhibition

As summerʼs heat blazes on and the world is awash in vivid hues, a veritable banquet of light commences, marking the arrival of a new season. Amidst the searing rays, all things seem to stand alone, yet as the sweltering air swirls and melts, they coalesce into a mesmerizing spec- tacle for the eyes. The “Light Catcher” exhibition features the works of two talented artists, Zeng Lin-Yuan and Pan Chi-Fang. Through their unique use of various media and techniques, they aim to capture the essence of objects illuminated by light and evoke memories of their radiance. By immersing oneself in their art, viewers can embark on a journey through the luminous world created by these two artists.

Zeng Lin-Yuan has a unique talent for capturing ephemeral moments through a photographic lens. With a keen eye for detail, she deftly observes the subtle shifts in her surroundings. The scenery of her daily life is not merely fleeting, but rather a vivid landscape that resonates with the beat of her heart. The items that she desires to depict in her photographs are often pre- sented in a state of being, or in the process of fading away. These objects are captured, pro- jected, and linked through the subtle hints within the image. Zeng Lin-Yuanʼs artwork in the summer exhibition exudes a vibrant color palette that perfectly captures the essence of the season. In her work, she captures the fleeting movements of the world with a microscopic lens. Through the layering and siltation of brush strokes, she creates a stunning interplay of light and shadow. The color blocks are carefully stacked to form exquisite folds and intervals. The result is a delicate and beautiful composition that celebrates the transience of life. “ Shades and Shadows 29 - The Four Seasons in Captivity” is a breathtaking masterpiece that boasts an impressive panorama. The artist has skillfully layered colors and brush strokes to produce a stunning new atmosphere that is both captivating and enchanting. Zeng Lin-Yuanʼs paintings evoke a sense of microscopic perspective that is consistent with her other works. The visual relay that emanates from this piece is reminiscent of the lingering impressions that we carry in our eyes. The momentum of light that flickers and fades is a reminder of the fleeting nature of each moment, linking our memories back to the present. Through her art, Zeng Lin-Yuan awakens our imagination, encouraging us to pay closer attention to the every- day landscapes that we often overlook.

Pan Chi-Fangʼs paintings are imbued with a subtle yet captivating quality. The lines within them seem to suggest the graceful movement of individuals, their bodies and gazes enrap- tured by the beauty that surrounds them. The intricate interplay of brushstrokes and hues in his artwork captures the luminous interplay of light on the natural landscape. Moreover, the composition of his paintings evokes the expansive scope of a cartographic map. The masterful strokes of the artistʼs brush guide our gaze through a mesmerizing journey. We are drawn into the undulating contours of the earth, the cloudburst rapids of cascading petals, and the deli- cate allure of nameless flora. As we step back and observe the proceedings from a distance, a sense of “landscape” gradually takes shape within us. Despite the artistʼs lack of intention to create or depart from a tangible landscape, we find ourselves tracing his footsteps and revisit- ing the terrain. The upcoming exhibition will unveil a rare glimpse into the artistic process of Pan Chi-Fang, as the artistʼs manuscripts of his paintings will be publicly displayed for the very first time. Through these impromptu yet meticulously crafted manuscripts, one can discern the artistʼs keen perception of the natural world and his recollection of the surround- ing terrain. This imbues his works with a palpable “sense of time in the present,” a quality that distinguishes them from his complete oeuvre. Moreover, by deftly capturing his observa- tions through sketching, Pan Chi-Fang is able to bring the luminosity of the outdoors into his studio, thereby reflecting the very essence of light in his art.

In this exhibition, the two artists embark on a journey through the ever-changing patterns and impressions of the surrounding scenery. Their aim is to capture the present moment, amidst fleeting light and shadow. Through their work, they not only condense the landscape within their own minds, but also synthesize a sense of déjà vu within the viewerʼs conscious- ness. This synthesis reverberates with the intense light and color of summer, slowly rising with the air flow and resonating within the hearts of all who encounter it.

▪️Joint exhibition
《The Light Catchers》

▪️Artist | Taiwan
Zeng Lin-Yuan x Pan Chi-Fang

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▪️Open To Public
.2023.6.19 - 7.29
.10:00 - 18:30